Georgia law §17-6-15 provides the Sheriff the authority to establish, publish, and regulate the guidelines and rules for bonding arrested individuals. The administration of this process is performed by the Bonding Administration personnel of the Sheriff’s Office.

There are multiple methods for obtaining the release of an individual incarcerated in the Fulton County Jail. The act requires an individual to ensure the appearance of the arrested individual for all court appearances until adjudication. The obligating individual(s) are known as the surety. The individual being released from custody is referred to as the principal.

Supersedeas Bond

O.C.G.A 5-4-20 a bond payable to the state, or, if the conviction is in a municipal court, payable to the municipality, in amount and with security acceptable to and to be approved by the clerk, judge, or majority of the commissioners, as the case may be, conditioned that the defendant will personally appear and abide the final judgment, order, or sentence upon him in the case. The bond, if payable to the state, may be forfeited in the same manner as any other criminal bond in any court having jurisdiction. If the bond is payable to the municipal corporation, it may be forfeited according to the procedure prescribed in the municipal ordinance or charter. Alternatively, an action may be brought on the bond in any court having jurisdiction. Upon the giving of bond the defendant shall be released from custody in like manner as defendants are released upon supersedeas bonds in criminal cases where a notice of appeal has been filed.

Driver’s License Collateral

The principal (inmate) may use a valid Georgia Driver’s License as bond if charged with a misdemeanor offense (exception: DUI); in custody for a minimum of 5 days, bond amount is $1,000.00 or less (excluding surcharges). Any failure to appear may result in suspension of license.

Pretrial Release

Pretrial will review all defendants still in custody. Inmates may be interviewed by Pretrial if eligible and recommended for release if they qualify. A Pretrial release authorizes a reduction in bond amounts or conditional release with specific bond condition requirements. Pretrial representatives shall require supervision of the defendant while out of custody.

Any violations of Pretrial release requirements may result in the arrest of the defendant for failure to comply with bond condition orders.

Out of county property bond

An “Out of County” property bond offered as a guarantee of the principal’s appearance would be located outside of Fulton County and within the State of Georgia. The bond has to be prepared by the Sheriff of the county where the property is located. You will need to contact the Sheriff’s Office of that county for their requirements.

Once the bonding documentation is prepared, it must be presented to this agency in a sealed envelope. If it is not, the paperwork will not be accepted for processing.

The methods available are:

  • Cash Bond
  • Property Bond
  • Professional Bonding Company

Multiple bonds may be required to gain the release of any one incarcerated individual. This is dependent upon the charges against the individual. Each bond has additional fees known as surcharges. In addition, there is a non-refundable bond fee of $20.00 per bond instrument written.